K-9 Bedbug Detection Services, Inc. K-9 Bedbug Detection Services, Inc.

Bed Bug Links

The following links contain pertinent information regarding bed bugs and bed bug-sniffing dogs:

  • ABC News "Creepy and Crawly: Bed Bugs Invade U.S." [link] [alternate]
  • BBC News "Bed Bugs Bounce Back From Oblivion" [link] [alternate]
  • HOI 19 "Healthbeat: Bed Bugs" [link]
  • University of Kentucky Entomology - Bed Bugs [link]
  • Harvard School of Public Health - Bed Bugs [link]
  • New York Post: Bed Bugs Getting into City Schools [link] [alternate]
  • Bed Bug Registry - Find apartments and hotels that have reports of bed bugs [link]
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