K-9 Bedbug Detection Services, Inc. K-9 Bedbug Detection Services, Inc.

The New Standard in Bed Bug Free Hotels and Properties

Certified Bed Bug-Free is the standard that hotel guests will be looking for to ensure that they don't experience the nightmare of encountering bed bugs and bringing them back to their homes. Certified Bed Bug-Free announces that you have taken every possible precaution to ensure that your property is free from these elusive pests. In turn, this could limit your liability in the event of a lawsuit.

How do you get Certified Bed Bug-Free?

We will customize an inspection program for your property - either monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. Once you property is inspected and any areas alerted to are treated, we will issue you a framed certificate indicating your bed bug-free status. This can be displayed to show your guests and residents that your facility meets the highest standard in bed bug-free properties.

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K-9 Bed Bug Detection Services, Inc.
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