K-9 Bedbug Detection Services, Inc. K-9 Bedbug Detection Services, Inc.

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The latest in bed bug detection technology is actually man's best friend.

As it turns out, dogs can be trained to sniff out bed bugs.

(Staten Island - NY) January 1, 2007 - At first glance, Tracker looks like a typical cute and cuddly beagle. But there is nothing typical about Tracker. Tracker is actually a highly trained bed bug-sniffing dog. Why train a dog to sniff out bed bugs? Because bed bugs are back in New York and they are popping up everywhere, from expensive apartments to exclusive hotels to hospitals and city shelters.

Tracker has been specially trained for K-9 Bed Bug Detection Services by our Certified Master Trainer who has over 15 years experience in training dogs for all kinds of tasks, including bomb, arson and drugs. "It sounds strange, but dogs have an amazing sense of smell. What would take a human being over an hour to do; Tracker can do in a few minutes. Tracker makes the process of detecting and exterminating bed bugs cheaper, faster and more effective," states Jeffrey Kazan, pest control specialist and owner of K-9 Bed Bug Detection Services.

Bed bugs are paper thin; the size of a pencil eraser; can survive up to one year without feeding and multiply rapidly. They feed on the blood of humans, attacking at night. Not only do they hide in the crevices of beds, they can hide in headboards, footboards, behind pictures, in light sockets, radiators, clothing and more. Hard to detect and hard to get rid of, Tracker represents a new way to attack this not so new problem.

About K-9 Bed Bug Detection Services

K-9 Bed Bug Detection Services has over 17 years experience in the pest control industry. Our prestigious roster of clients includes many of the largest real estate management companies, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and institutions in the Tri-State area.

Tracker is the latest in a wide variety of state-of-the-art techniques used for dealing with pest control problems. Tracker and all of our dog handlers are certified for bed bug detection by leading experts in the training of not just bed bug-, but mold-, bomb- and drug-sniffing dogs. We also provide our clients with certification programs designed to take a proactive approach to ensuring that bed bugs don't become a problem. Our reputation for reliability, customer service and expertise are second to none. For more information contact K-9 Bed Bug Detection Services, Inc. at 1 (877) 7-BED-BUG (723-3284) or visit their website http://www.thebedbugdog.net

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